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isaac B.

We will feature other home crafter's handmade products on Isaac's page, so make sure to check his page. You may fall in love with a new Item. As new crafters come in, we will of course leave information for you to continue to receive that unique Item. 

What's up with this guy, isaac?


Before I tell you about Isaac, I must give a little background of our family dynamics. My mother is one of six sisters. They grew up in a close-knit family, and they raised us the same way. These sisters had fifteen kids, and out of them, only five of us were girls. One of these girls had Isaac. In a sense, he was all of ours. My first husband and I learned we were not ready for kids while with him one day (long story). He was indeed incomparable to all of us, and he was the first baby I got to see grow into a man. He graduated from school and started his career working at one of the hospitals in the area. He was training for a new job there when he became ill and could no longer work. Sadly, we lost him in October 2020.

In the days and months after his death, I found out who Isaac was to the people he knew.  Isaac was a rock for his siblings, cousins, and friends. He was a sounding board who did not judge, he was a keeper of secrets, and he gave his time without any limits. What Isaac gave to us who knew him, no one could ever purchase. I want to dedicate a page on my website to handcrafters to sell their products in memory of him. Eventually, I will also like to do specific campaigns and donate the proceeds to various charities. I know this would meet his approval. 





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